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## **Making and Printing Phone Cards** Windows includes a simple program for creating, editing, and printing phone card records. The program's name is PhoneCard Maker, which is a little ironic, given that you can print phone card records on the most popular Internet and e-mail programs today. The next few steps walk you through creating a phone card record, including filling out its fields, printing the phone card, and inserting it into a landline or cell phone. 1. **Double-click the phone card icon on the Start menu or desktop to launch PhoneCard Maker.** As explained on the previous page, you can type a few commands to bring up the program's options screen. You can also right-click the PhoneCard icon on the desktop and select Open from the shortcut menu. The second method is more convenient. 2. **When the PhoneCard Maker program appears, in the small window shown in** **Figure** **23-3** **, click the New Phone Card button.** A new phone card record appears at the bottom of the window, as shown in Figure 23-4. A phone card record is just a page of information about your incoming and outgoing calls. You don't have to fill it out completely. For each phone number, the Record Field column shows the




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